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How can I buy an on-line gift card?
Your gift card may be used or applied to any purchase on our online shop.
We offer you two types of gift cards: the on-line gift card or the printed gift card.
In any of the cases, access the Gift Card page, select the value of the card and fill in all the necessary information.

Must the value of the gift card be used in a single acquisition? No, you can perform several transactions with a gift card until you finish the available credit on the gift card.

Can the card be used as part of a payment?
Yes, the card can be used together with another method of payment in order to pay an order.

Can the account of the gift card be recharged?
After being used, the credit on the gift card cannot be recharged. In this situation, you will need another gift card.

Is there a validity period for the gift card?
All gift cards have a validity period of 1 year from the acquisition date.