October / 2019

Lifestyle Collections

"We are delighted to introduce our first lifestyle collections, after almost a year in development. The Transylvanian Manor is a feminine story inspired by the lifestyle of a captivating countess living in a beautiful manor in Transylvania, while The Home of an Eccentric Man explores a global culture theme inspired by the passions and interests of a world traveller. For the first time, along with a new collection of wallpapers, we are introducing a coordinated home collection including velvet and linen fabrics, upholstered furniture, embroidered cushions, lamp bases and lampshades, wall art and accessories. All offering a unique experience, a lifestyle that you want to embrace and cherish forever."



The Transylvanian Manor is a love letter to our mystical homeland, paying homage to Transylvania’s romantic heritage and history. Telling the story of sixteenth century Hungarian nobility living in Bethlen Castle, the collection reimagines the legends and tales whispered along the castle’s walls and corridors.

Classical royal motifs and rich ornamentation evoke the family’s grandly exuberant lifestyle, while painterly landscapes recreate the abundant Renaissance-style gardens, picturesque forests and mountains surrounding the ancient home, where voluptuous flowers bloom, exotic birds swoop and wild animals wander undisturbed.

Eclectic and extravagant, The Transylvanian Manor follows the Bethlen’s noble family on their travels, taking in cornerstones in European nobility’s Grand Tours - yet it is the history and heritage of Transylvania and the timeless decadence of Bethlen Castle and its former noble residents which prevail throughout the endlessly intricate designs.

Beautifully ornate and feminine, 19 abundantly patterned wallpapers combine the impact of a mural with traditional wallpaper repeats, while six daringly hued printed velvets and stone washed linens combine elegant Chinoiserie references with hand-drawn flora and fauna.

Taking advantage of Transylvania’s time-honoured arts and crafts skills, the collection includes neoclassical-style upholstered hardwood furniture alongside feathered, fringed and tasselled lampshades, lamp bases, embroidered cushions and wall art, all encapsulating the abundantly layered aesthetic of The Transylvanian Manor.



The Home of an Eccentric Man is the story of a gentleman traveller, wanderer and aesthete with a lifelong passion for ethnography, anthropology and archaeology. An explorer and collector voyaging from Zanzibar to Medina and from Jaipur to the North American prairies, his endless fascination with long-lost cultures, ancestral rituals and indigenous peoples is matched only by his insatiable desire to accumulate art and artefacts from the countries and peoples with which he is so entranced.

The Home of an Eccentric Man is a dusty yet distinguished apartment filled with one-of-a-kind furniture, curiosities, ancient books and etchings, brought together by MINDTHEGAP in a magnificently eclectic home décor collection.

A tribute to the cultural evolution and heritage of mankind, the evocative collection showcases ancient wonders of the world, lost tribes, and faraway nations, from Tibetan murals to Roman marbles. Designed to transport, each pattern relates to a specific place or moment in history. Bohemian and diverse, fifteen new wallpapers combine the impact of a mural with traditional wallpaper repeats, while eight smooth-to-the-touch stone washed linens pay homage to global textiles, from African mud cloth to Navajo weaving.

The collection includes neoclassical-style upholstered hardwood furniture alongside beaded and tasselled lampshades, handcrafted lamp bases, embellished linen cushions and framed wall art, all encapsulating the spirit and wanderlust of the Eccentric Man.

Intriguing and individual, the one-of-a-kind collection perfectly showcases MINDTHEGAP’S artistic identity, rooted in Transylvania’s diverse ethnic heritage and melting pot of culture, craft and tradition.