September / 2018

"We were inspired by everything in Manhattan. The richness of its architectural details along with the spectacular Art Deco elements to be found in most of the buildings of Manhattan gave us the creative impulse to design a new style collection. We started to search for inspiring elements that haven`t been used yet and our mind took us to the most iconic neighborhoods, buildings and hotels of Manhattan. And if you are trying to find similar elements, you will discover that marble is very important in the American architecture along with brass and copper, two metallic alloys used very often in the famous hotels of New York", says Stefan ORMENISAN, head of design at MINDTHEGAP.

MINDTHEGAP is delighted to announce a new collection launching this September. Inspired by the unique architectural diversity and cultural heritage of Manhattan, NYC, this premium designs are made to celebrate the luxurious and distinctive combination of marble and different metallic elements such as brass and copper. We created a collection of 19 designs combining different marble types and colours with strong details. Then we added something more precious with a touch of industrial style and New York's Golden Age. We used geometrical patterns in golden brass and copper to enhance the wallpaper and design contemporary statement patterns with a touch of luxury and elegance. To achieve a high end glamour finish with realistic look of the marble, we printed everything using metallic inks and metallic foils.

This is our perspective about MANHATTAN.