September / 2018

"We are collectors of feelings, emotions and memories. We have individual taste and personal style, we see different details in everything that surrounds us and we always search for emotional treasures that make us feel alive. We believe that human nature can make everything beautiful. Actually this was the impulse when we started to create our third wallpaper collection, The Wallpaper Collectables. We began to search for new stories and patterns that besides of being decorative and stylish, have also something in common: they are collectables. The result is a collection comprising 10 amazing themes inspired by different memories gathered from all over the world", says Stefan ORMENISAN, head of design at MINDTHEGAP.

We are delighted to announce the launching of our third wallpaper book this September. The WALLPAPER COLLECTABLE is a unique collection of stunning designs curated and collected from all over the world. You will be fascinated to discover 10 different creative stories inspired from different places, cultures, elements of natural curiosities and famous mankind creations. We show you the deep underwater life of an atoll with all its marvelous sea life creatures and also a selection of extravagant floral illustrations selected from different continents. Then you will be invited to enjoy the natural imperfection of Wab Sabi aesthetic concept along with some other Japanese themes of great inspiration like Byobu panel and the Japanese Garden. Scouring the art history we retrieve the grandiose Renaissance with its fabulous decorative designs extracted from Italian and French culture. Because we are so in love with vintage natural fabrics, we bring to life a unique selection of different old textiles collected from Rajasthan, Persian, Japan and Great Britain. For our first Bohemian story we prepared some authentic whimsy patterns with a dash of floral motifs and moody colours ready to cheer you up. Then we go a bit modern with brilliant Manhattan architecture's inspired story, the Art of Abstract with large bold patterns and nevertheless the Nouvelle Pop collection with its daring and unconventional designs. Last but not the least, we bring you a new style tropical story called Palm Springs with gorgeous tropical elements and rich colour palette inspired from the sunny land of California.

This is the story of our WALLPAPER COLLECTABLES, a collection with 113 rare designs ready to make you want collect them all.

Enjoy the ride!