September / 2017

We are delighted to announce the launching of 2018 MINDTHEGAP wallpaper collection. After the remarkable success we had with our first collection of wallpapers, this new one brings together 11 (eleven) fabulous stories comprising over 100 designs.

Keeping the eclectic mood in subconscious, our designs are expressing the free spirit of MINDTHEGAP. You will discover odes dedicated to beautiful Pompeii and the Antique Egypt, spectacular drawings and details inspired by architectural marvels and also a more contemporary story with reinvented patterns of the famous Art Deco style. And if you are still unsatisfied, the wanderlust theme will take you in stunning places around the World with fabulous designs inspired from Hindustan, Marrakesh, Florence or African tribes. Or you might try to discover our fabric textures designed in trompe l'oeil style to keep the natural feeling of linen and dyed cotton.

We love our wallpaper! And we invite you to join our world and discover the new wallpaper experience.