February / 2019

"We are collectors of feelings, emotions and memories. We have individual taste and personal style; we see different details in everything that surrounds us and we always search for emotional treasures that make is feel alive. I do believe in the human power to make everything beautiful and this is why i decided to create this book. We want to show everyone what inspires us, what makes us creating strong designs and what we think about contemporary wallpaper. This book is actually a collection of travels, stories, places, different cultures, art and how we transpose all of them into beautiful wall coverings", says Stefan ORMENISAN, head of design and author of the book.


MINDTHEGAP is excited to announce the launching of the first wallpaper inspiration book. "The Complete Book of Wallpaper Collectables" is a collection of feelings, emotions and memories grouped on 12 amazing themes meant to be a source of inspiration for architects, interior designers and home styling enthusiasts. The book is the result of three years of work in which we achieved to launch 5 wallpaper collections with hundreds of unique statement designs. After this amazing journey, we thought it's time to sat down our thoughts and to put all the experience in one special book. Made of collections, Wallpaper Collectables is a large format hardback book with over 250 pages and more than 150 curated photos and illustrations showing unique ideas and tips about how to use MINDTHEGAP wallpapers.

The book will be available worldwide starting the 6th of February in selected stores and online.