April / 2020


Inspired by the carefree lifestyle of a beachcomber, sailor and globetrotter living in a breezy beach house somewhere in the Caribbean, The Tropical Cottage is a tribute to equatorial beach style. Combining vintage nautical and tropical motifs to create a glamorously eclectic hot-house aesthetic, the collection references a blend of Caribbean history and culture. From The Buccaneers to The Nassau Hotel, from Havana to Cayo Largo and beyond, The Tropical Cottage is a celebration of island life and laid-back luxury: navigating the seas by day and returning home to dine on fresh seafood, surrounded by an exuberant mix of pattern and texture echoing the sumptuous greenery and steamy air outside.

Encapsulating Transylvanian design brand Mindthegap's abundant aesthetic, 17 wallpapers and eight patterned stonewashed linens combine palm tree, palm leaf and succulent motifs with tropical fauna and flora. Dense and lush, jewel-bright parrots, juicy fruit and lavish flowers are layered decoupage-style onto painterly illustrations of trees and plants. Joining the wallpapers and linens are upholstered hardwood furniture, wall art and fringed lampshades, pendant lights and cushions. Designed to transport, The Tropical Cottage brings together a melting pot of exotic influences to create an almost three-dimensional tropical feel.